Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Last week I woke to this scene of devastation. My gorgeous tomato plants had been decimated by the evil possum. I tried sprinkling the leaves with tabasco sauce, and although I heard a lot of possum noise that night, more branches had still been eaten. I didn't trust the that the possum would learn quickly enough that the tomatoes are HOT, before they'd all been destroyed. Plus the tabasco seemed to burn the foliage where it had been sprinkled. And it seemed kind of mean... So in an effort to prevent the possum destroying my entire crop (he has already ruined half) I went and bought a plastic bird net from Bunnings (precut, about $6). Yes, in my effort to be kind to the environment by growing my own I have ended up buying a plastic product. How frustrating. It does seem to do the trick though. Just as an aside, the Amish Paste I planted have been terribly disappointing, the Principe Borghese are doing really well and the mixed cherry tomatoes, well... they seem to be the possum's faves. I don't think they'll recover.

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  1. Awww - that sucks! I remember sprinkling cayenne pepper over my tulips so the chipmunks and rabbits would stop nibbling. It didn't work. I think the wind probably blew it away.