Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MIL's Cowl

It was MIL's birthday on Monday. DH casually mentioned it the weekend before, which didn't leave me long to get a present organised, especially if I wanted to knit something. Which I did, of course. (DH and I haven't been married that long, so MIL's birthdate is not permanently imprinted in my brain yet). I decided to knit her a cowl, as it would be practical and manageable in a week. This necessitated an immediate trip to the specialty yarn shop where I spent nearly $50 (!!) on some gorgeous baby alpaca yarn and some fancy bamboo circular needles. Unfortunately I couldn't get the pattern I bought those for to look quite right (something odd going on with my yarn overs?), so I abandoned that project and tried about 3 other patterns before settling on the "Baby it's Cowled Outside" cowl from Crochet Me (Ravelink). Of course I ended up using some Panda Heath and a crochet hook which I already had in my stash... I am happy with how it turned out. I would even like to make one for myself, but have a heap of other knitting projects which need finishing before the cold weather sets in.

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