Monday, May 11, 2009

Friday Nature Excursion - Wellington Point

It was another stunning day on Friday, so we headed out to Wellington Point, on the bay.

I have lived in Brisbane pretty much all my life so I am embarrassed to admit that I was in my 20s before I even knew this place existed! It is now my favourite destination when I want to be by the bay. There is even a little area where you can swim, though its too cold for that now.

In the first picture, out to sea on the left hand side you can see a little island. I'm not sure what this island's really called, or if it even has a name, but it seems to be known as "Pirate Island" to the local kids. At low tide there is a sandbar that you can walk across for about 1km to reach the island. There is nothing on the island, but it is a great adventure!

Seagulls are considered a bit of a pest around here, but I think they're gorgeous, I love their snowy whiteness.

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