Monday, May 18, 2009

Nature Excursion Close to Home

The irony of driving somewhere to enjoy nature is not lost on me, so last Friday we set up the picnic rug and enjoyed a "nature excursion" in our own back yard.

We have a teeny-tiny back yard. I do dream of living surrounded by land instead of suburbia but as that isn't in my near future I tell myself that until I have exhausted the possibilities of the land that we do have, I really can't wish for any more! And that keeps me satisfied for the most part...

As I started to really look around our back yard, I noticed there was a lot to see.

The bougainvillea is blooming beautifully

As is the yellow grevillea

And the pink one

The gum tree is laden with gum nuts

I was also surprised at just how many food plants we have.

The just-blooming bean flowers. These are exquisite, so delicate like tiny little fairy orchids.

Cherry tomatoes, surely on their last legs by now:

Passionfruit, also one of the last of the crop: The lemon, the one and only lemon to be produced by our tree so far. Baby is obsessed with trying to pick the lemon, but it is holding tight for now.

Kaffir lime looking ridiculously green and glossy:
The view from the best seat in the house:
Not a cloud in the sky What a perfect day!


  1. I think it is not important to discuss how large the garden is. Ancient Chinese people said that there is an another world even in a small pot. You can grow your dreams in your garden.

  2. Hi Roughterrain crane, I like that quote, I will have to remember that it's a good one. All the best,

  3. when I first saw that I thought theres no picture on that page but then I noticed that
    it said not even a cloud in the sky. and I still think what day was that because I don't rember what day it was