Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scouting for Boys (and Girls)

I recently had the good fortune to come across an immaculate copy of the "Scouting Book for Boys" at my local second hand book shop.

Thus inspired, we decided to form our own family scout group (of course we are not real Scouts, just pretend ones), to undertake some of the activities in the book. We proudly hoisted our troop flag and chanted our troop call EE-EE-OO-OO (yes, DS8 chose to call our troop the Monkeys).

Today being our inaugural meeting we set to work learning some of the basic scout symbols given in the book.

The above symbols, from top to bottom, mean:

1) Follow the path in the direction of the arrow
2) Don't follow this path
3) There is a note hidden three paces away in the direction of the arrow
4) I've gone home.

We practiced writing the symbols on our paving in chalk, and gave each other quizzes.

Once everyone had their four symbols down pat, we took turns to go around the yard hiding notes for the others to find via the symbol left as a clue. There sure were some good hiding spots!

We had a blast at our first scout meeting and can't wait for the next.

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