Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hand Made Gifts for Baby

The Baby turned one earlier in the week. Gosh it's such an occasion!! In addition to getting waaaay more love and attention than one little person can handle (hence the 6pm meltdown...) I made him a couple of little presents.

Felt pentagon ball (which he absolutely loves) and fabric stacking ring set. He hasn't quite figured out what to do with the stacking rings, but he loves to pull them all off the cone and they are the perfect size for grasping in his little hands. If you're looking for ideas for a hand made gift for a one year old, I wouldn't go past that felt ball, so easy to make too.


  1. Gorgeous presents! I'm sure he will treasure them forever :-)

  2. Thanks Tricia, I do hope so. Though I'll be happy if they even survive till next birthday...

  3. My baby (4th child) turned one at the end of June. He got stacking rings too but sadly I went the plastic Fisher Price route. The ones you have made are beautiful and I am sure will be well loved.

    I must admit sewing is not my strength at the moment but that ball is something I would love to try if I ever got the guts.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW

  4. Jen, do it!! Your bub won't care if it's not perfect and it's sooo easy, I promise. I took some photos while I was making it, so if I get enough free time soon I'll post a little tutorial.