Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spring is on its way!

Over the weekend we celebrated Imbolc, or the coming of Spring. This is probably the sabbat which I anticipate the most, as by this time of the year I have well and truly had enough of the cold and am looking forward to some warm weather ahead!

Already we are starting to see signs of spring around here - the wattle is in bloom and the neighbor's mulberry tree has gone from stark to covered in luxuriant new growth in a matter of days. The spring birds are also starting to arrive and the magpies have been busy gathering twigs for their nests.

Imbolc is traditionally of new beginnings and holds the promise of renewed life after the barren winter months. As with many of the pagan sabbats, this is a time to reflect on our hopes for the year ahead and the "new life" we would like to breathe into our own lives. Now is the time to plant the seeds of our dreams and tend them carefully. It is also traditionally a time for a good spring clean! Time to lift the darkness and stillness of winter and energise and lighten your home for the warmer days ahead.

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  1. Happy Imbolc! We are celebrating Lammas. Did not get a post up for that, but.....

    Lovely snowdrop. It looks so radiant, bringing hope and brand new life.