Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wooden Bowls

As part of my plan to live a more natural lifestyle, I have been seeking alternatives to plastic goods whenever I need to make a purchase. One of the things I am always on the lookout for is wooden bowls and plates for the baby. I have learnt the hard way that he is not to be trusted with our every day porcelain plates!

It's probably not surprising, but reasonable quality wooden crockery is not that easy to come across. I found the little bowl at Ikea a couple of months ago, and was thrilled today to happen upon the little wooden platter at Target. I'm thinking it's going to be perfect for baby's sandwiches and dinner.

The thing about wooden bowls and plates is that you can't just chuck them in the dishwasher. You need to give them a little hand wash after each meal. Which is perfect, because that way you need only one!


  1. Great post! My wife and I know exactly what you mean, we had an awesome wooden chopping block and I made the stupid mistake of putting it in the dishwasher! It split and had to be thrown out, we were very disappointed.
    I still think wooden plates and bowls are worth-wile and as you say, they last forever if you treat them well :)

    P.S. I found your blog whilst searching for eco living ideas and love it!
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  2. Hi and thanks for stopping by! My blog list is not exactly up to date, but I have added you in. I had a peek at your blog and I have to say your rose garden is just gorgeous :)
    all the best,