Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Imbolc!

Today we're celebrating Imbolc/Candlemas. I don't know if these two festivals are actually the same thing, but in my mind they are. It's a time to celebrate the promise of spring and new beginnings. I have taken down all our winter decorations. Our nature table is bare, save for a plain white silk and a single candle. For the time being candles are our only decorations to symbolise that this is a time of preparation, hope an expectancy. They also serve as a reminder of the little flicker of flame burning inside the earth ready to burst forth in new life at spring.

The six weeks between Imbolc and Ostara are when I embark upon a thorough spring clean of the house. Trying to get everything sparkling and decluttered so we can enjoy the lightness of the summer months without having to do any major housework (it's waaaay to hot in summer for that!!). It's also a time to dig over and prepare the garden beds.

This is also said to be an ideal time to visualise and dream about what you hope to bring forth this coming year.

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