Monday, March 9, 2009

Bargain Books

There is a Life Line Bookstore in Bulimba which I like to stop by on a regular basis in the hope of uncovering some treasures. Sometimes I leave with a few classic kids books, sometimes I leave empty handed, and sometimes I come out with an amazing bargain.
Today was definitely the latter!
See what I got for $4.50 total?
And that Toys book, you probably can't see the price tag, but it says $1.00!!
It was such a bargain that I almost felt bad buying it.
My theory on thrifting is that you need to do it frequently to uncover the good stuff, and not to be disappointed the times you leave empty handed.

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  1. I love the beautiful photos on your blog. It's so nice to find other simple living families who grow vegies and cook and buy books at mission shops. I love the quirky and interesting interiors of houses whose owners 'thrift'. They are so intriguing, and have so much more heart...