Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Harvest Moon

Tonight's full moon, being the full moon closest to Mabon, is known as the Harvest Moon.
Traditionally, this is the time of the year when the last of the crops are being gathered, and farmers were able to take advantage of the bright light of the full moon to continue working in to the night. There is also a chill creeping into the air and it is time for our thoughts to turn towards hearth and home and preparations needed for the coming winter. Now is a good time to declutter the home and make it cozy and comfortable for cooler days spent indoors.
Our chances of seeing the beautiful harvest moon are fairly slim in Brisbane tonight with all the cloud from Cyclone Hamish still shrouding the sky. It is grey and drizzly here this morning and once again I find myself caught unprepared for the cold. I definitely need to take some time to plan what warm clothing and bedding my family needs for the winter.
How are you preparing for the coming winter?

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  1. Hi

    Found your blog from my friend Jo (All the Blue Day).

    Ironically I used to live in Brisbane and still call it 'home' despite not living there my whole life or for quite some time. Winter always used to catch me out too. With me I would tolerate the occasional chills until in August when I would suddenly decide I was over the cold. By then though all the winter stuff had left the shops and I would just hang on another month until I was warm again.

    Moving to Hobart then Launceston gave me a much healthier respect for the change of seasons and I embraced long coats, boots and scarves.

    Now I am in the Hunter Valley area I could again forget winter is coming except the nights get cooler much sooner. Time to dust off the coat and boots again!

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW