Thursday, March 12, 2009

Meal Planning

This week's vegie box looks good. One unusual thing we got in it was a finger lime. It is the oddest looking thing. I had never tried one before but you break it open and pop out the little juice sacks. They taste so limey and sharp and made my mouth go a little numb. Apparently they go well in cocktails...
Here's this week's menu plan:
Friday: Pizza - cajun chicken, capsicum, corn, red onion, shallot, sour cream.
Saturday: San choy baos and rice - lettuce, mince beef, shallot, cucumber, peanuts.
Sunday: Pumpkin soup with cheese toasts (home made ciabatta or similar).
Monday: Stir fry and rice - beef, asian greens, broccoli, celery. Home made satay sauce.
Tuesday: Trinidadian lamb curry and rice (tomatoes)
Wednesday: Sausages with mash potato, mushrooms and balsamic onions (maybe also home made bread/rolls)
Thursday: Spaghetti bolognese, using zucchini, half celery and the oregano.


  1. I looked, but I didn't see cocktails featuring in the menu..
    I get an enormous box of vegies from our food co-op each fortnight, and I am really learning to cook 'in season' and local from it, and am rising to the challenge of cooking strange vegetables - although not finger limes, we are not so tropical. My big challenge is to only cook using vegies from the co-op and the garden. I am slowly getting there, although it can be difficult to get the box and realise 'Aaargh! No potatoes.' We have just got through our first potato-less fortnight in years, and I don't think anyone else even noticed.

  2. Hi Jo, I hear you about the potatoes! Potatoes and onions, they are the two things that there never seem to be enough of in the box. Sometimes I cheat by buying a couple of items at the farmers markets... It is a sweet feeling tho when you get to the end of the week and you've managed to use up everything in the box.