Thursday, March 19, 2009

This Week's Meal Plan

The photo above is of the finger limes that I was talking about last week. These little limes are native to Australia and grow well in my local area. It would be great to have a finger lime tree in the garden, but I haven't had any luck finding a nursery that supplies them.
The vegie box seemed a little lighter this week. There were no mushrooms for the first time, but plenty of tomatoes and carrots and even sweet potatoes which we haven't received before. This weeks menu: Friday: Pizza - potato, bacon, red onion, BBQ sauce, sour cream, chives. Saturday: Palaak Paneer and rice Sunday: Zucchini and feta fritters with tomato dipping sauce and rice or mash potato Monday: Fruity beef casserole (beans and carrots) with mash potato Tuesday: Stirfry chicken, broccoli, cabbage, almond and honey soy dressing. Rice. Wednesday: Eggplant pasta sauce (anchovies, olives, eggplant, onion, basil, canned tomatoes) and spaghetti. Thursday: Stirfry beef, broccoli, carrot, chilli, corn and soy/oyster sauce. Quite a few vegetarian dishes this week which I am pleased about as the menus have been very meat intensive these last few weeks. Trying more vegetarian dishes is something I am keen to do for environmental reasons, but have not made a serious effort on yet.

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