Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Cards - Done!

Finished up this year's Easter cards, and posted them out already! I am not usually this efficient.

Went for post-card style this year, cut out coloured egg, glitter glue stripes, texta drawn bunny, little cutouts for its paws. Easy as can be. All up I spent about $3 on materials and made 10 cards. You couldn't even get one store bought Easter card for $3 I don't think.

I make Easter cards each year and it seems people really appreciate getting something cheery in the mail at this time of year, as it's still not that common to send Easter cards here.

I do find it hard to get into the spirit of celebrating Easter given that it's essentially a spring celebration and we are heading in to autumn. So we do a little of the expected Easter celebrating but at the same time prepare for Samhain, the pagan celebration of summers end. It does get a little confusing!! It would be nice to live somewhere where the seasons and celebrations are in sync.

Take care

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