Wednesday, April 8, 2009

March Planting

I know, it's April already, but somehow March just slipped by.
So let's do some gardening...
Got the seeds?
Got the toilet rolls?
Ummm... Check.

Toilet roll cores are the perfect thing to use as seedling punnets. You pop one seed in each one (or a couple for of the finer seeds like shallots). Once the seedling's roots reach the bottom of the toilet roll, it's time to transplant them into their intended garden beds. To do this, just plant them in position without even removing them from the toilet roll. I like this because it's easy and it minimises "transplant shock". By the time you've finished harvesting from your plant the cardboard toilet rolls will have disintegrated into the soil.

Today I planted:

4x sugar snap peas
4x dwarf yellow beans
heaps of shallots.

I have built a new little garden bed for the peas and beans, and the shallots will go in the garden bed where the tomatoes presently are.

Now to plan April's planting and order some seeds before this month gets away from me too...

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