Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekly Meal Plan

We have been getting a vegie box from Food Connect for a couple of months now, and I am hooked. I cannot imagine buying my vegies any other way now! In addition to everything else, it is super convenient that all my vegie shopping involves is literally picking up a box.

I have also recently added a weekly fruit box to our subscription. Pictured above is the contents of our Single Fruit Box for this week. It seems to vary quite a bit from week to week, which is nice. There are things in there I would never think to buy, but I like that!

Here's the weekly meal plan:

Friday: Gnocchi with sweet potato and bacon sauce.
Saturday: San choy baos (lettuce, mince beef, potato, onion, cucumber, peanuts).
Sunday: Calzones with silver beet, onion, asparagus and mushroom.
Monday: Kangaroo stir fry with carrot, corn, broccoli, beans, oyster sauce. Rice.
Tuesday: Zucchini and fetta fritters with rice, lemon and tomato relish (from fresh tomatoes).
Wednesday: Pumpkin soup (including, beetroot, onion and potato).

Long weekend lunches:
1) Baked potatoes with cottage cheese, lettuce, corn and bacon.
2) Ham, cheese, aioli and sun dried tomato toasted sandwich on home made French bread .
3) Sausage sizzle, salad, home made baguettes.

Saturday family breakfast:
Apple and cinnamon scrolls with fruit salad of apples and kiwifruits.

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  1. This post made me realise, your the mama with the 2 boys I met at the playgroup! Dah! I thought this was one of the blogs you recommended, nots yours. ha
    Cool! I love it!
    And I love that you plan out your weekly meals, i tried this once a long while ago but maybe i should give it another go - sit down when the box arrives and plan!
    Thanks for the inspiration :)