Sunday, May 3, 2009

An Afternoon Fishing

We have just arrived home muddy and weary but in good spirits after DS7 and I spent the afternoon down by the bay learning how to fish. We attended a "Families Bending Rods" session funded by the Brisbane City Council and led by 2 Bent Rods, a local fishing school.

I was interested in trying fishing knowing that it is one of the few forms of hunting still practiced in the present day in my culture. It was also a good excuse to spend a couple of hours out doors and by the water.

It was a really enjoyable afternoon. First we dug for yabbies (bait) and nearly lost our shoes squelching over the mudflats. This was followed by a discussion of the various types of bait and some hands on practice attaching our hook and sinker. After that we were finally fishing! I admit we didn't catch anything but it was still a lot of fun. I was amazed to see how interested DS7 was. His only complaint was that mumma was hogging the fishing rod. Oops...

DH and DS9months spent the afternoon relaxing on the picnic rug at the nearby Lota Camping Reserve. It was a gorgeous evening on the bay.

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