Saturday, May 2, 2009

Taking Time to Exhale

There is a belief in wicca that when the moon is waxing it is a time for decision making, new projects and moving forward.

When the moon is waning it is a time for pause, reflection and completion.

Sometimes I think I live my life as if the moon is always waxing. Always busy chasing some new idea or starting some new project, without allowing due time for pause and reflection. And I don't think I'm the only one living like this!

So starting this month, I am going to take this old piece of wisdom and apply it literally to my life. No new sewing projects, no new knitting projects, no new books begun (Lucky I started "The Last American Man" today, even though I haven't finished Little Women yet...), no new ideas, no new hobbies, no new habits begun while the moon is waning.

Just steady work on projects already begun, careful tying up of ends, time to rest and reflect. And plenty of sweet, sweet idleness.

Aah I wish it were that time already.

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