Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mama Made Jarmies

When they get to a certain age, kids become very difficult to sew for. Seems they'd rather die than be caught in mama made clothing! But PJs, now surely an 8 year old can get away with mama made PJs? Well, he likes them! And I was so pleased with my handiwork. I even button hole-d for the first time! :)

Here's the details:
Pattern: Simplicity 4381, Style A
Size: Boys Large
Fabric: Flannelet from Spotlight. 3m @ $4.99/m

Again the cost of the fabric alone was more than the cost of buying a pair of PJs at Big W. DH told me that when he was a kid his mum used to sew a lot of his clothing, and she would have saved a fair bit of money doing it. Not so anymore, when did sewing your own clothes become a luxury?

1 comment:

  1. Nice work. I'm afraid creativity costs in our society. It's silly I know but you can 'wear' the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself and sewing is a great skill to have. I feel the days of homemade is making quite a comeback, so do not despair.