Sunday, November 1, 2009

Small Steps - Locally Grown Garlic

Garlic is one thing we use a lot of but unfortunately don't get much of in our CSA boxes at the moment. I used to just pick up a bulb or two at the supermarket to make up the shortfall. Unfortunately at nearly all supermarkets and fruit and vegie shops around here, the only garlic you'll find is imported. Though it was obvious that the imported stuff looked a lot different to what we get in our vegie boxes, what I didn't realise was that all garlic imported into Australia is fumigated with Methyl Bromide. This is not something I want to be ingesting while eating something that is supposed to be good for the health!

Now the only garlic I'll buy is the Aussie grown stuff, which I get at the Chandler Markets. It is a lot more expensive than the imported stuff, but you don't need a lot (I paid $1 per bulb for those above). And just look how beautiful it is :)

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